Prince George's New School Is Already Raising a Few Eyebrows

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The Duke and Duchess and Cambridge just announced some exciting news regarding their son. They've decided on a school for the future King of England, and it looks like Prince George will be attending Thomas's Battersea.


The private primary school is just a few miles from Will and Kate's Kensington Palace residence, and charges $7,630 a term for tuition. It's a big change-up from the Wetherby School in Notting Hill, where Princes William and Harry were pupils, and where it was expected that George would attend as well.

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For one thing -- Thomas's is co-ed, instead of being an all-boys school like Wetherby. Another thing is their policy towards kindness and emotional health. The school actually discourages the pupils from making best friends, in order to prevent hurt feelings.

Given how much time Will and Kate have dedicated to emotional and mental health, especially among young people, it's not a shock that they would make this a priority in their own children's education. In an official statement, the Cambridges said they are "delighted to have found a school where they are confident George will have a happy and successful start to his education."

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But it's not just about busting up potential cliques -- Thomas's Battersea also "strong academic results" with a "high-achieving, competitive side." Prior students have gone onto top public schools like Bryanston, Marlborough, and Bradfield.

All things considered, it sounds like a good fit for little Georgie, even if the best friend policy does seem a bit odd on first glance. Now let's talk about important things ... like how excited we are for a first day of school picture in the fall. Because we really can't wait.

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