Jill Duggar's Update From Central America Sounds a Bit Concerning


They've been back in the mission field for several weeks now, and have finally checked in with their fans to offer an update. From the sound of it, Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard are facing some pretty scary situations in Central America.


The Counting On stars returned to Central America recently, and have been working with a short-term team. They've been "traveling a lot between a few different countries doing ministry traveling throughout Central America," so it's been a bit of a different experience than when they were centralized in one location in El Salvador.

While they asked for prayers that the people they've been ministering to would come to know Jesus, they also shared a couple of sad and scary situations they've been in.

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Jill said that a young teen girl had died a tragic death after living a "hard life." She had been coming to weekly meetings for skills training in painting and pinata-making, but died after having a seizure and hitting her head on a rock. Her mom had been in prison, and Jill shared, "Most people say she died of a broken heart."

How awful! Derick also had a scary experience, when he offered a ride home after church to some people. An older woman started "wheezing and coughing loudly," and Derick pulled over to help tend to her. Jill shared, "Because we live in a rural area, they decided it was best to have the local medical person come check her out first, instead of taking her to the hospital, which is over an hour away."

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Thankfully she ended up being OK after using an inhaler, and it was determined that the coughing was likely caused by the dust from the dry season they've been in.

Jill also shared that she's been enjoying baking banana bread with Israel and delivering treats to people, and that she's found a variety of ways to serve the communities in small ways. We can't help but be worried about her though, especially after hearing stories like these.

We get that she wants to save the world and all, but we also hope that she's thinking of her toddler son, and the one she's currently working on, who will be here in July. After all, she won't be able to help anyone if she doesn't take care of herself and her children first.

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