Prince George May Have Spilled the Beans on Being a Big Brother Again

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Could it be royal baby watch time again? Here's hoping! According to a new report, Kate Middleton wants two more kids -- before she turns 40. Star magazine is reporting (grain of salt, please) that the duchess is currently pregnant with baby number three. What!


The mag claims that Prince George spilled the beans to the family during an afternoon tea after the Commonwealth Games baton launch last week. George told the queen, along with Prince Charles and Camilla, that his "mummy has another bubby in her tummy." Queen Elizabeth immediately called for a champagne toast after hearing the good news. "She was delightedly hugging Kate, who was beaming from ear to ear," a source said.

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Kate's supposed pregnancy also reportedly has to do with William's rowdy behavior recently on his boys' ski trip. Apparently, after learning she was pregnant, Kate encouraged her husband to go live it up with his friends for a weekend. "It’s just a shame it looked like he was having too much fun and absconding from his duties," a royal insider said. "Who could have known he may have simply been celebrating his wife's third pregnancy?"

Of course, it isn't uncommon to hear reports of Kate being pregnant, but it's been said on numerous occasions that Kate wants a big family, so there may be some truth to this -- especially if she wants four by the time she's 40. The duchess is 35 right now. If she wants two more, it's only a matter of time for a baby number three announcement. 

The duke and duchess definitely seem to have their hands full with Prince George and Princess Charlotte already, but if anyone -- and let's be honest, their staff -- can handle another child, it's them. Fingers crossed that there's another adorable little Wales baby on the way. If there's anything the world needs right now, it's to be on royal baby watch. Always a good time. 

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