Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle May Be Plotting Royal Baby Takeover

kate middleton
Toby Melville/Reuters/Splash
There are two rumors circulating about the relationship between Princess Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's girlfriend. One has Kate and Meghan as besties and talking about making babies; the other has Kate quite upset about all the hoopla surrounding her brother-in-law's love.


Drama? Doubtful. Let's dissect this.

Some are saying that Kate royally dislikes Meghan because she's getting tons of attention. And she doesn't like it that Harry is so smitten with her because, well, Kate likes hanging with Harry. (I mean, who wouldn't?!) We are finding this a little hard to believe. We don't see Kate as an attention-seeker -- it simply follows her around since she's a royal. Plus, it all just seems so petty of a thing Kate would worry about -- she's got two kids and tons of humanitarian work. How are we supposed to believe she's jealous of Meghan? Plus, Harry's her brother-in-law, not her husband, so ....

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We like the other theory about these two a lot better. And that one is that Kate and Meghan are besties ... or at least on their way to being exactly that (as well as sisters-in-law). OK! magazine has a source that said Kate and Meghan had a girls' night out in London. Just the two of them. And, if we believe those rumors, Meghan told Kate all about her love for Harry and how she wants to have all his babies. Like right away. Well, right after the wedding.

There are holes in this story, too. Who are these sources?!

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It's clear Harry and Meghan are falling in love, and it's natural to think about possibly having babies with someone when you are getting serious in a relationship. (We want all the royal babies, too!) So it all makes sense, but would these two really have gone out together and talked about that in earshot of others? Not so sure. But have they talked about it ever? Possibly. If Meghan has met Kate's kids, chances are she's also imagined having her own with her prince someday. Oh to dream!

Based on what we know and love about Kate, and what we know and love about Meghan, we're guessing that these two women like each other, and that Kate is just worried about Harry and his finding happiness in his love life. And there is something about Kate and Meghan that makes us think they could become really great friends as they get to know each other. To love! To happiness! To more royal babies!

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