Prince William & Kate Middleton Are the Picture of Love in Paris

william and kate
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Looks like Wills isn't in the doghouse after all. While on an official trip to Paris, Kate Middleton and Prince William look as in love as ever. Maybe it's the French air? Maybe it's the escargot? Whatever it is, the City of Lights is doing wonders for the duke and duchess right now. Ah, the power of Paris in the spring.


Despite the fact that the duchess was "disappointed" with her husband's behavior on his boys' ski trip recently ("Dad dancing" around other women? Bad move, Will), the royal couple seem to be enjoying their first official trip to Paris together. The pair are only there for a couple of days, as E! News reports, but from all signs, things are all good between two. They made like tourists and went to the Musee d'Orsay, where they were seen looking through its famous giant clock. They also visited the Eiffel Tower, where they met fans and members of a rugby team. The two also played ball with some schoolchildren and chatted with their parents. Sounds like biz as usual for William and Kate.

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In addition to the traditional Parisian tourist activities, the future king and queen also visited Les Invalides military hospital and met with survivors of the 2015 Bataclan theatre terror attack. They also attended the Six Nations tournament Rugby Union match between France and Wales. Unfortunately for Bill and Katie, Wales lost. 

E! News spoke to a body language expert who said that there doesn't appear to be any trouble between the two. Good. Sure, William may have had one too many and acted a little immature and irresponsible, but his behavior definitely doesn't warrant more than one argument. 

Glad to see everything's hunky-dory on the royal front. But we're still waiting for Kate's lost weekend with the girls. Ibiza, anyone?

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