Natalie Portman Embodies the Beauty of Pregnancy in Gorgeous New Music Video

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing -- it's our bodies creating life, magic, love, the future. And a new video for a song by James Blake is celebrating women as life-givers, as sensual beings during pregnancy. The video for "My Willing Heart" stars Natalie Portman, who was filmed just days before giving birth. It's gorgeous.


The video, directed by Anna Rose Holmer for the track off Blake's latest album, features Portman, who was pregnant with her daughter Amalia at the time. Son Aleph, 5, is said to be the sweet child seen caressing mama's belly. Portman's husband, Benjamin Millepied, didn't make an appearance with his wife and kids, but he must be so proud of his family for this beautiful work.

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It's such a stunning piece -- so much beauty in black and white. James Blake sounds incredible. Portman is mermaid-like in the water. And I can't help but think of her in that water just like her baby is in utereo -- nestled within, floating, weightless. It's such an intimate look at late-term pregnancy, our full bellies, babies kicking, our bodies able to stretch with such love, our anticipation. The close-ups of Portman's daughter kicking in the womb are so lovely, so wonderful. And we cannot deny the sensuality weaved throughout this video -- the beauty of a woman's curves, all of them, all through pregnancy. Goddess. 

Natalie Portman James Blake videoJamesBlakeVEVO / YouTube

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I love that Natalie Portman did something like this in her final days of pregnancy. It's a tribute to all that women are during pregnancy -- we are sexy, we are sensual, we are creators, we are magic, we are pure beauty and power. We are amazing. 

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It's women like Portman and Beyonce who have used their celebrity to showcase that power of women, to bring it to the eyes of millions, and to empower women, to show that when we are pregnant, we are still our full beings, we are sexual, beautiful, strong, and able. 

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