Meghan Markle May Be Quitting Acting for a Much More Important Role

meghan markle
Johns PKI/Splash News

When we first heard the news that Meghan Markle was going to give up acting, we were wondering if it had anything to do with her relationship with Prince Harry. No one should give up their dreams and career for another person if they really don't want to. But then we took a look at her other endeavors and where her other interests are.


Meghan is a lot like Harry in that she is a philanthropist and helps children all over the world. She specifically helps women and girls in struggling countries with World Vision Canada and the United Nations Women Organization. A source from E! News said that leaving the acting world was something Meghan was thinking about before she had met Harry. It's clearly a great passion of hers, and one that is quite incredible. It's no wonder why Harry seems so in love.

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Of course, Meghan's departure from acting would upset her fans, specifically those in Toronto where she currently lives and films Suits. But she's only 35 -- so many places she will visit and potentially live. I'm sure all her fans will love to see her pursuing her dreams -- wherever they may lead her. 

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And if things continue to go so well with Harry (we love them as a couple so we hope so!), chances are there will be a lot of traveling to do humanitarian work all over the globe. They make quite the power couple, doing good for others, and inspiring so many to do the same. Meghan isn't going to leave acting for Harry -- if she did leave, it would be for herself. Meghan is quite the talent in so many ways -- smart, successful, and someone who gives back. Harry is lucky to have met her. 

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