Kim Kardashian May Be on the Brink of Her Own Breakdown

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She's been through a lot in the past six months or so, but has it been too much? Kim Kardashian may be on the edge of breakdown, according to sources close to the mom of two, and her current filming schedule doesn't seem to be helping things.


On this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has been recounting her horrific ordeal in Paris last October, when she was held at gunpoint and robbed of millions in jewels. According to Radar Online, it's been taking its toll on the 36-year-old.

An insider told Radar, "Kim is trying the best she can to work through this and yes, she has increased her therapy sessions ... She is having a really hard time sleeping this past week and her family told her that she needs to chill on doing anything that would cause her to have another breakdown!"

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Another breakdown? Well, we can't say we're surprised after everything she's been through. Not only was she afraid for her life back in October, the whole things has apparently taken a toll on her marriage to Kanye West as well.

Kanye had his own breakdown about a month after Kim's robbery, which caused him to be hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold. Divorce rumors were flying after that, especially when Kim reportedly met with the same divorce attorney she used when she split from Kris Humphries.

They've been seen in a public on a couple of dates since the new year, but apparently they've been "arguing a lot" since the new season of KUWTK started airing.

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"It is like Kim is reliving the entire situation over again and this has been causing a lot of drama between her and Kanye because Kanye just does not want to talk about this anymore," the source revealed. "Kim seems incredibly stressed out right now because it seemed like she was just starting to get through all of this in her head and now it looks like she is emotionally stuck right back in the middle of it all!"

Even though she reportedly got a big bonus for agreeing to return to the show and tell her tale, we certainly hope that Kim is keeping her priorities straight. Staying healthy is more important than staying in the spotlight.

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