Kendall Jenner's House Burglarized -- Thousands in Jewels Stolen

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Another jewelry heist for the Kardashian family. Kendall Jenner's home was burglarized yesterday, and the thieves got away with some jewelry that was located in her bedroom. The details are scant, but this violating act raises some questions.


Kendall was not home at the time of the robbery -- thank goodness. TMZ reported that she was out from around noon until 8 p.m. Nothing at all seemed wrong when she got home either -- there were no broken windows or open doors, no sign of forced entry, nothing seemed out of place. But at around 1 a.m., Kendall noticed that some jewelry was missing from her bedroom.

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I am just imagining the fear that set in once she realized that someone was in her home and stole her things. The police were called and it's all been reported but nothing more is known at this time. This isn't the kind of heist that would happen at my house, where most of my "gems" are of the cheapo mall store variety. We're talking thousands of dollars worth of bling here. 

I'm left with some questions. Doesn't she have a security system? Could this be an inside job? Did her neighbors see anything suspicious? We do know the answer to one of these -- her neighbor is Jimmy Kimmel and chances are his house isn't close enough for him to see anything ... if he or anyone was in his home at the time. Who has the keys to her home and could they have gotten into the wrong hands? 

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Kendall hasn't even lived in her home for that long either. She purchased it from Emily Blunt and John Krasinski last summer. What a terrible thing to feel that your new home isn't safe. This has got to give Kim Kardashian West some terrible feelings as well. We really hope they find whoever is responsible. 

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