Meghan Markle Pregnancy Rumors Have Already Begun -- That Didn't Take Long

Meghan Markle harry's baby
Derek Storm / Splash News

There could be a royal bundle in the oven any day now if reports are to be believed. And, no, we're not talking about a sibling for Prince George and Princess Charlotte this time. Sources claim Meghan Markle may be planning to conceive Prince Harry's baby. But -- before you drop everything to start a bump watch -- other parts of this story have us feeling a bit skeptical. See for yourself!


According to OK!, the Suits actress announced she's more than ready to carry Harry's child. Whom did she tell first? Reportedly, her confidante is, of all people, Kate Middleton. 

And just where did this big reveal take place? The weekly tabloid claims the two snuck into a pub where they drank and gossiped the night away. (See what we mean about this seeming a bit far-fetched?) 

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The story reports that by the end of the evening, which supposedly raged on until after 1 a.m., Markle had told Middleton "she'd have his baby tomorrow if she could."

Though Markle's got an exciting acting career going on, OK! claims the 35-year-old has "baby fever" and wants to try to conceive as soon as she and the prince get engaged. 

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This would be the first child for Markle, who was previously married and divorced. Rumors have swirled that Harry's is having an engagement ring designed from his late mother's tiara to present to the actress before her 36th birthday in August. 

Sure, it might make sense that Markle might want to have a baby. She seems amazing with kids when she's off doing her humanitarian work. But getting knocked up before heading down the aisle certainly doesn't seem like the royals' way of doing things. And we can't imagine Queen Elizabeth, who'll turn 91 next month, would be too pleased with this arrangement. 

While we doubt Markle and Middleton were having a secret girls' night out, the princess, who's been plagued by pregnancy rumors even weeks after she delivered the prince and princess, could probably offer the actress some advice on how to tune out the gossip that will undoubtedly dog her as long as she dates the prince. 

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