15 Ways Meghan Markle Would've Won Princess Diana's Heart

Liz Alterman | Mar 16, 2017 Celebrities

Princess Diana
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Princess Diana was beloved for many reasons. She was devoted to charitable causes. She was a style icon who was revered as the "People's Princess." But, for many, it was her hands-on parenting that won their hearts. With Prince William married and settled with his adorable family, we're sure Diana would want all the happiness in the world for your youngest, Prince Harry. The red-headed royal is head-over-heels for Meghan Markle and we think his mom would certainly approve.

A self-made, independent woman, Markle seems like a great choice for Harry. Here are the reasons we think Diana would've given her blessing to the match as well. 

  • She's Great With Kids


    Markle's proven she's great with kids. While doing humanitarian work, she's always quick to get right on their level and engage with them. We've seen Harry do this time and again. We're sure Diana would love the idea of the couple bringing joy to children in need together.

  • She Adores Harry


    Every mother wants her son to end up with a gal who's head-over-heels in love with him and we'd say that by that criteria, Markle more than fits the bill. She's always beaming at him.

  • She Devoted to Doing Charity Work


    Much like Diana, charity work is never far from Meghan's mind. Here, Markle is seen visiting a charity project in India to promote education for girls. Much like when the princess visited India, Meghan was spotted wearing a red Hindu 'bindi' mark on her forehead as she learns about issues affecting young women in this impoverished part of the world. 

  • She's Got Great Style


    Much like Princess Diana, the actress is a style maven. Her Instagram account is filled with photos of fabulous fashions. Imagine a shopping trip with Diana, Kate Middleton, and Markle? Theirs would be three closets we'd covet.

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  • She Loves to Travel


    The 35-year-old definitely seems to have the travel bug, as did Diana. The actress's wanderlust speaks to her sense of adventure and interest in taking in all the world has to offer. Since Harry's the same way, we can only guess that Diana would want a world-class traveler to accompany her son throughout life's adventures.

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  • She Loves Her Family


    Meghan shared this photo of her dad on Instagram alongside some heartfelt sentiments, proving how close she is with her family. We all know Diana's sons were the lights of her life so she'd definitely want Harry to find someone who shares the same values. 

  • She Supports Aids Research


    Here, Meghan Markle was spotted attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 13th Annual 'An Enduring Vision' Benefit in New York, USA. Help for those battling the devastating condition was a cause that was close to Diana's heart. The princess was famously photographed holding the hand of an Aids patient without gloves. She was quoted as explaining, "HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it."

  • She Won Over Kate Middleton


    Of course Diana would want her son's wives to be close. We hear that Markle met Kate Middleton and her adorable daughter, Princess Charlotte, and the three got along very well. 

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  • She Loves Elton John


    Markle was missing her hometown Los Angeles so she posted this quote from Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer." We all know Diana and the music man were extremely close. John rewrote the words to his hit "Candle in the Wind" to sing as a tribute to his departed friend at the princess's funeral.

  • She's Athletic


    Staying fit and having a hobby that you truly enjoy is often the key to both mental and physical well-being. Markle is frequently spotted with her yoga mat under her arm while Diana was often seen on horseback. Having something that you can engage in solo or with friends that brings you joy is so important. 

  • She's All About Empowerment


    Princess Diana had a gift for making everyone feel important. From her humanitarian work to posting simple empowering quotes on her Instagram, it seems Meghan is of a similiar mind. Everyone should know his or her worth. 

  • She Loves the Water


    We often saw Princess Diana either by the water with her boys or aboard yachts. She was even photographed jet-skiing with her kids. Based on Meghan's travel-packed Instagram account, it's safe to say she'll make sure Harry spends plenty of time enjoying sea and surf.

  • She Has Her Own Career


    Before becoming involved with Prince Charles, Princess Diana was a kindergarten teacher. Of course, Markle's career is a bit more flashy, but still, Diana would surely respect that Harry's beloved is a self-made gal.

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  • She's Comfortable Around World Leaders


    If Meghan and Harry get hitched, Markle needs to be comfortable talking to world leaders. Clearly, she's ready for that role as she meets with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Afghanistan-born Pakistani poet Fatima Bhutto.

  • She's a Designer


    Markle was heavily involved in the design process for a clothing capsule for Reitmans, a Canadian department store. The actress created the pieces to showcase her personality as well as her personal style. Diana, one of the greatest style icons of our time, would surely have loved discusses designs with her possible daughter-in-law.

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