Kate Middleton & Prince William's Palace Renovation Plans Sound Pretty Sweet

prince william and kate middleton laughing
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Time to bring in the royal wrecking ball? Prince William and Kate Middleton are moving back to Kensington Palace from their Amner Hall home in Norfolk, and as one would suspect, the pair are looking to spruce up the joint before settling in. According to a new report, the duke and duchess are planning a massive renovation of Kensington Palace in time for their move, which will likely take place in the fall. 


William and Kate have always spent time at Kensington Palace, but apparently they're making a full-time move there in order to play a bigger role in the royal family. 

The Telegraph is reporting that the Historic Royal Palaces have applied to build a mega-basement on the grounds of the palace. The basement would be a two-floor addition to the property and would be used in part to accommodate the duke and duchess's staff, as well as some "ceremonial garments." But! There's a small issue. Additions like this, which have been called "iceberg basements," were banned by the Kensington and Chelsea Council a few years ago. A this point, there's no word on whether the council will be making an exception for William and Kate, but let's be honest, there's kind of a decent chance that they will.

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After the duke, duchess, and their two children move in, Kensington Palace is going to become a packed house. Prince Harry already lives on the grounds and Princess Eugenie is expected to move in soon. Who's place is holding game night?

Whatever winds up happening with William and Kate's reno, no doubt it will be gorgeous once the duchess puts her touch on everything. Though, a two-floor basement would be cool. Like a real-life Downton Abbey. 

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