Prince William Caught Dancing in a Club in New Video -- It's Everything

prince william and kate middleton
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Uh-oh, looks like there's a dad in the house! And he's dancing! Over the weekend, on his boys-only ski trip, Prince William was seen showing off his dance moves in the wee hours of the morning at a club in Verbier. And all we can say is: The future king looks adorkably fun.  


TMZ managed to get ahold of the video, which features a boozed-up Prince William "raising the roof" -- by himself, no less -- to the '90s hip hop jam "I Got 5 on It."

This, friends, is the stuff dreams are made of:

The dad moves. The fact that he's dancing alone. To "I Got 5 on It"! This is nothing short of amazing. 

More from CafeMom:

Not surprisingly, though, there have been people who have been quick to criticize the duke for his seemingly raucous weekend. Some outlets have also raised eyebrows at the fact that, despite it being a boys' weekend, two particularly attractive women, Sophie Taylor and Rosie Peate, were there, as well. Said news outlets can relax, though: Both women are engaged and were reportedly with their fiancés. Nothing juicy happening.

On the flip side, though, others were happy to see the father of two let loose a bit while he was away from daddy, husband, and royal duties. 

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Prince WIlliam dancing

Seriously, everyone. Relax. 

William may have missed a royal event while he was on holiday, but come on. Every parent needs a break once in a while. 

And wasn't it worth it for this gem of a video? Keep on keepin' on, Wills. Your dad moves are on point.

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