Prince William Ditches Daddy Duty to Go Party With His Friends

Will and Kate with kids
James Whatling/Splash News

Kicking back. Prince William took a break from daddy -- and husband -- duties recently when he went on a Swiss ski holiday with some of his highfalutin friends. On Monday, Prince William was spotted sans Kate and the kids in the fancy Verbier resort village. The future king of England seemed to be enjoying his freedom as he laughed with friends and sipped on beers après ski. Hey, even royals need a break once in a while. 


William rolled into the ski spot with a big group of friends, including his longtime buddy Guy Pelly, as well as Australian model Sophie Taylor and Taylor's boyfriend, Aaron Goodfellow. The gang partook in the usual ski trip activities, such as, well, skiing, drinking, and dancing 'til the wee hours of the morning at a local club. Wonder what Kate was doing at home with the kids?

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The duke of course is entitled to time away from his family to recharge his batteries, but the trip may ruffle a few feathers, being that he missed out on an important royal event. While Prince William was enjoying his "me" time, many of his family members were supporting Queen Elizabeth as she kicked off the Commonwealth Games on Monday. Prince Charles and Prince Harry were by her majesty's side as she delivered a message of peace and unity before the annual celebration. Wonder what William was doing at that moment?

The prince's decision to skip the event may not seem like a big deal, but some outlets are surmising that it's going to land him in hot water, as it appears that he's not taking his royal role seriously. This is also coming off the heels of his and Kate's skipping a service at Westminster Abbey recently, after attending it for the past two years. 

There are royal events almost every other week, so there's a good chance someone is going to miss something at one point or another. Hopefully, Queen Elizabeth won't read her grandson the riot act after he touches down in the UK, exhausted and still half-drunk. 

Go easy on him, Queenie. Sometimes a parent just needs a break. 

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