Princess Diana's Former Lover Responds to Rumors He's Harry's Dad

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We had no idea this was even still a question. Nevertheless, Princess Diana's old flame James Hewitt was forced to deny once again that he's Prince Harry's real father.


Over the weekend, Hewitt was asked by Melissa Doyle on Australia's Sunday Night, "Are you Harry's father?" The 58-year-old responded, "No, I'm not."

Rumors about Prince William's younger brother's parentage have resurfaced throughout the years, after it as revealed that Princess Di had an affair in the late 1980s with her riding instructor. Even though they didn't even become acquainted until 1986, a full two years after Harry's birth, it hasn't stopped people from speculating.

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Hewitt acknowledged the rumors on the show over the weekend, and said that he thinks they persist because "it sells papers." He also added, "It's worse for [Harry], probably, poor chap.

He took the time to comment on the affair, which reportedly took place around the same time that Prince Charles was seeing Camilla Parker Bowles. Hewitt said that he wanted to "whisk [Diana] away" from the spotlight. As for how they began, he explained, "It's a gradual period and then, you know, suddenly you can't get enough of each other or see each other as much as you want."

Forget about it being a sensational romance ... according to Hewitt they mostly enjoyed ordinary things, and being in each other's company. "Well, I'd cook and she'd wash up," he said. "Just dinner and relaxing and laughing." The affair was over when he deployed to serve in the Gulf War, and the press exposed them.

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Diana's bodyguard Ken Wharfe also made an appearance on Sunday Night, saying, "It was pretty obvious what was happening ... it wasn't for me to moralize on this."

We can't even imagine the pain Di must've been feeling in her sham marriage to resort to an affair, but given the circumstances, we can't blame her for turning elsewhere for connection.

But given that she not only had nothing to do with Hewitt at the time of Harry's conception, plus the fact that Harry and Charles have the exact same nose, we're not even going to entertain ideas about Harry's DNA.

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