Amy Duggar & Dillon King's Marriage May Have Taken a Major Turn for the Worse

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

What the heck is going on with these two? Amy (Duggar) and Dillon King seem to be having some major issues on Marriage Boot Camp, and from the looks of Friday's episode, things may be worse than ever.


First off, Dillon confessed to the camera, "Is this a marriage where I want to stay in, or do I need to start thinking of an escape plan?" An escape plan? What the heck? Things cannot be good if he's even thinking about an escape plan.

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Amy also expressed matrimonial concerns, saying, "I've got questions in my head like, Will Dillon really be the man that I need him to be? Is he going to elevate me the rest of my life?"

Then they reunited at the ring ceremony, and shared some pretty mixed thoughts about all their feels toward each other. "These 10 days have taught me so much, about me as an individual and you as my husband," Amy confessed to her groom. "But, the lack of empathy, your tone, and the lie detector test really threw me for a loop."

In case you missed it, last week's episode involved Dillon getting caught lying about whether he thought their marriage would last. Amy's revealed that she wasn't sure if she wanted kids.

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Back to the ring ceremony .... Dillon admitted, "Even though we've found imperfections that we weren't even aware of, I find you more beautiful now. I feel like I know you on a different level. But, I don't know if you really don't want a family. And it has me kind of concerned by that."

Then they opened the boxes. Dillon gave Amy her wedding bands back, indicating that he's all in and wanting to work on the marriage. However, when Amy opened her box for Dillon, it was empty. 

As Amy and Dillon have done interviews since this was filmed and have said how it brought them together, we're assuming that Amy changed her mind about working on the marriage. But man, that must've been a slap in the face for Dillon. 

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