Kristen Stewart's Bleached Blond Buzz Cut Is Truly Something to Behold

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Kristen Stewart is one of those lucky people who has such an insanely beautiful face that she can pull off any haircut. Case in point: Check out the new bleached buzz cut she debuted at the LA premiere of her new flick Personal Shopper...


Is that you, KStew? 

Kristen Stewart bleached blond buzz cut
Splash News

Kristen Stewart shaved head
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Stewart is actually a natural blonde, but we've grown so accustomed to her as a brunette over the years that this new look definitely takes you by surprise, right? It's being reported that the 26-year-old chopped off her locks for a new role as an underwater research scientist in the upcoming deep-sea thriller Underwater.

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This kind of brings us back to when Natalie Portman shaved her head for V for Vendetta and looked completely flawless. Some ladies have all the luck, we tell ya. (And bone structure.) 

Say what you will about Stewart -- and people say plenty of things, from vicious critiques on her acting abilities to nitpicky comments about her personal style -- but you've got to give her credit for always staying outside the typical Hollywood actress mold. 

So go ahead and do you, KStew. You look awesome.

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