Kim Kardashian Takes on Internet Trolls With a New Butt Photo

kim kardashian
Neil Warner/Splash News

Haters gonna hate. Kim Kardashian certainly is no stranger to Internet trolls, so on Tuesday, she took a subtle -- and hilarious -- shot at them with a photo she posted to Snapchat. In the photo, Kim distorted her body so her butt looked even more ample than usual and her waist appeared to be minuscule -- and she added a killer zinger.


"Haters will say it's photoshopped," she cheekily wrote next to the pic. Take that, trolls. 

kim kardashian

This, people, is just one of the reasons we love Kim. Yes, she makes her living off of being sexy, but she clearly hasn't lost her sense of humor. Kim's totally in on the joke of her fame (sometimes).

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Any time any of the Kardashian or Jenner girls posts anything to social media, it's always met with snarky comments from their followers, claiming every body part has been either enhanced with the help of a doctor or with the push of a few buttons. While the girls have admitted to having a little "help" here and there, it has to be incredibly annoying to constantly hear this with every photo they post. Obviously, this is Kim's way of clapping back. Good for her. 

Serious business acumen, a body that won't quit, and a killer sense of humor. Kim really is the ultimate. Kanye, you're a lucky man. 

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