11 Times Prince William & Kate Middleton Almost Passed for 'Normal' Parents

Liz Alterman | Mar 8, 2017 Celebrities
11 Times Prince William & Kate Middleton Almost Passed for 'Normal' Parents
Image: James Whatling/Splash News

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James Whatling/Splash News

The royal family might divide its time between a palace and a country estate, but somehow Prince William and Princess Kate still have the ability to pass for "normal" parents. From playing in a park to inflating balloons, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge come across like your average dad and mom despite their titles -- and amazing wardrobes. 

Let's take a look at the times Kate and Will kept it real while parenting  Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

  • Off to Church

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    The royal family headed off to Christmas mass. Of course, they look a bit more polished than most of us. (Kate's coat? We're swooning.) But we love that even in her holiday finery, Princess Kate is still carrying her toddler. 

  • Ski Getaway

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    Okay, we might not look as color-coordinated while on a family vacation, but look how the royal couple is taking the kids on a ski holiday, despite how much work it is to stuff toddlers into snowsuits. 

  • Blowing Up Balloons

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    While visiting Canada, William and Kate made time for family fun by attending this children's party. Rather than standing on the sidelines, the couple got right in the mix with the kids. The duke even tried his hand at inflating balloons in front of a watchful crowd, showing that he'll do anything for his little ones.

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  • Kate Has a Word With George

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    Uh-oh. Is Prince George getting a talking-to? From Kate's tense expression, we're guessing the little royal may have been causing a fuss. But just like any mom, Kate gets right down on his level and explains how to behave. 

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  • Baby's Christening

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    Okay, so we might not all look as grand as this heading off to our child's baptism, but we love that they're all together and Will is holding George so sweetly while Kate pushes that elegant pram. Even though it's Princess Charlotte's big day, you can tell Will and Kate want to make sure George knows he isn't forgotten.

  • Hands-On Mom

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    Looks like Kate and George had a blast while attending a polo festival. At the time, Princess Charlotte was just a newborn so it's particularly sweet to see these two enjoying a little one-on-one time together. 

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  • A Fatherly Cuddle


    You can tell how close these two are! William seems like such a doting dad and George is clearly enamored of his papa. It's so sweet to see them together, cheek to cheek. 

  • Sharing Family Portraits


    William and Kate shared photographs of Prince George in honor of his third birthday. Just like another other proud parents, they hired a photographer, Matt Porteous, to come to their home in Norfolk to catch the prince at play. We love that the family dog, Lupo, got into the picture too. 

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  • Posing With Grandparents and Great-Grandparents


    Prince William made sure his adorable son George was looking perfect for the queen's 90th birthday. While they might be royal, this really would be a special milestone for any family. We love that William is teaching George to love and respect his elders. 

  • Off to School


    Just like any mom, the Duchess of Cambridge was quick to capture the childlike wonder on her young son's face as he headed off to his first day of preschool. Kate's eye for photography hasn't gone unnoticed. The duchess has received a lifetime honorary membership to the Royal Photographic Society.  

  • Fresh Air & Fun


    Kate and Will make sure the kids get outside and enjoy a little fresh air and fun. This photo was shared in honor of Princess Charlotte's first birthday. It looks like the duke and duchess even buy similar early-walking toys for their kids as the rest of us do. 

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