Lamar Odom Spotted Out With Khloe Kardashian Look-Alike

lamar odom
SAF/Splash News

Well, this is just awkward as all get-out. Lamar Odom has a new assistant who looks exactly like Khloe Kardashian. Like, no. This woman could be -- and probably has been -- mistaken for Khloe on numerous occasions. This is insane!


Initially, people spotted Lamar and the voluptuous blonde stopping for an embrace while out and about in Beverly Hills, so, naturally, everyone assumed this was his new girlfriend. But Lamar's reps quickly confirmed to Us Weekly that the mystery woman is actually the former NBA player's assistant. 

How crazy is this? She's a dead ringer for Khloe! People had to have assumed he was with his ex-wife when they spotted the pair walking down the street. From the hair to the body to the clothes, this woman is KoKo's doppelgänger. 

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In other news, the fact that Lamar was tightly embracing his assistant is kind of weird. Maybe there is something going on with them after all. It's not customary for men to hug their very hot assistants, is it?

Whatever's going on with Lamar and his assistant, one thing that's certain: Khloe DGAF. The youngest Kardashian sister appears to be happier than ever lately with her new man, Tristan Thompson. In fact, the pair just returned from a romantic Jamaican getaway a week ago. 

Does this look like someone who would care about her ex's new woman?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Jamaica

Um, no. Sorry, Lamar. 

Hopefully, Lamar will find whatever it is he's looking for in life. Unless it's Khloe. Because clearly that ship has sailed. 

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