Josh Duggar's First Family Photo Released Since His Rehab Stint

Josh and Anna Duggar

The Duggar family has a tradition of acknowledging their kids' birthdays, and it looks like Josh Duggar is no exception. The family wished Josh a happy 29th on Facebook recently, and also posted the first family photo of him in over a year.


Josh voluntarily entered a faith-based rehab center in August 2015, after he was caught cheating on his beautiful wife Anna in the Ashley Madison hack. The revelation came on the heels of an unearthed police report in which Josh confessed to molesting five underage girls in his teens. 

He's stayed pretty much on the DL since returning to the Duggar compound early last year, but all statements made by the family have been along the lines of, "We're working through it."

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On Friday, the family opted to share this picture of Josh and Anna, along with their four children, Mackynzie, 7, Michael, 5, Marcus, 3, and Meredith, 19 months. It's the first picture of the six of them together since before Josh's sex scandals, and we have to say -- they look pretty normal.

Josh Duggar family
Duggar Family Official / Facebook

They added the caption, "Happy birthday, Josh. We love you, your amazing wife and sweet children. We pray that you diligently follow and serve the Lord with your whole heart all the days of your life and that this year is a wonderful year for you and your family."

Can we talk about how cute those kids are though? Mackynzie is totally Anna's little mini-me, and Meredith's little baby pigtails are almost too cute to handle. The boys look like they had to be pulled from playing to pose for the picture, and while they don't look excited about wearing the ties, they look like normal, happy, healthy little boys.

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We're just hoping that Anna's smile in this pic is genuine. She made the controversial choice to stay with Josh and try to restore their marriage after he cheated on her. It's completely her decision to make, but fans were concerned that she was only staying because she felt like she didn't have any other options.

Anna looks happy here as a wife and mom. We just hope her show of emotion is a real reflection of what she really feels.

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