8 Times the Duggars Got Real About Sex

Tanvier Peart | Mar 3, 2017 Celebrities

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The Duggars are a family known for their traditional values, their Christian faith, and their love for both their community and one another. While most of us kinda have an idea about what to expect from this beloved clan, there are times when they surprise us -- like when they bring up (or hint about) sex, for example. It definitely catches plenty of people off guard, to say the least. 

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Given the amount of marriages, siblings, and babies popping up left and right, it's pretty safe to say -- or assume -- that (married) members of the Duggar family are enjoying a healthy sex life. We mean, just because they can't even hug before marriage, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy it (and much more) after they tie the not. 

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Here's a look at some of the times the Duggars got real about all things sex that prove they aren't as tightly wound as people assume. Some of these may confuse you, and others will make you laugh. 

And they definitely might make you look at the fam a little differently!


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