15 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Couldn't Resist Each Other

Liz Alterman | Mar 2, 2017 Celebrities

William and Kate's wedding
Tony Clark / Splash News

Kate Middleton and Prince William are typically very private about their relationship, but every once in a while you catch a glimpse of the passion they share. Even after many years of being married, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keep it pretty close to the vest when it comes to being overtly affectionate with one another. But there are definitely occasions when you can catch the couple packing on the PDA. 

Whether they're on vacation or traveling on royal business, Will and Kate can't keep their hands off each other -- and sometimes it's caught on camera. And we can't blame them. It's tough to stop love, and when you have two people this perfect for each other, you shouldn't even try. 

We get why Kate and William have to hold back on the public displays -- those royal rules are pretty tough -- but we do wish that we could see more affection between the two of them. Because we know it's there! Having to stay polite and proper must be exhausting for the duke and duchess. They may not know that we see their subtle moments of intimacy, but we do! The couple constantly has cameras on them, so luckily, we get to witness some of their cutest moments.  

So, the duke and duchess may think they are being discrete -- but we think differently. Keep those moments coming! Check out 15 times the royal couple got a little frisky. 

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