Rumors Resurface That Anna Duggar Is Leaving Josh

Josh and Anna Duggar

Nothing like a big family wedding to make a person realize she wants a divorce. Or something. According to the latest reports, Anna Duggar finally decided to leave Josh at Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding.


Okay, we're taking this one with a giant grain of salt, especially considering that Jinge and Jer tied the knot four months ago, and absolutely nothing has happened since then. Don't you think there'd be at least one report out of Tontitown, Arkansas, of Anna striking out on her own after leaving the Duggar compound?

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Regardless, there's speculation that Anna finally hit the end of the line at her sister-in-law's wedding last November. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Anna and Josh "decided to part ways on the weekend that Jinger Duggar got married to Jeremy Vuolo."

In the months since then, we've also heard rumors that Anna actually met with a divorce attorney and has been lying in wait to make her move and leave the father of her four children.

Of course she has every reason in the world to biblically divorce him, after his multiple sex scandals in 2015, but we're thinking that Anna is in it for the long haul. She's stated publicly multiple times that she will stand by her man, no matter how hard it is.

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We just hope that she's making this decision for her, and not because she thinks she has to. After all, we're willing to bet that there are more than enough people that would help contribute to her escape plan. Or maybe she and Jana Duggar could start their own TLC reality show about making it on their own as two single women leaving the nest for the first time in their late 20s.

We'd watch the heck out of that, is all we're saying.

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