Kylie Jenner's Latest Topless Photos Will Make You Do a Double-Take

Kylie Jenner
Jackson Lee/ Splash News

Kylie Jenner is making headlines again for yet another risqué topless photo. This one takes the cake, though, or maybe we should say "takes the toke," since the 19-year-old looks to be smoking a joint.


Just another weekday for Kylie? The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted the photo on Wednesday, and we can't stop staring for so many reasons.

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Kylie Jenner smoking

Kylie Jenner pot

Kylie has never straight-up admitted that she smokes pot, but it's not like it's surprising information. She's a reality star with a rapper boyfriend. She lives in Los Angeles, where it's now legal to recreationally use the drug.

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There's a good chance the teenager will come out and deny the allegations, saying that she was only smoking a cigarette or something, but these pics seem to be Kylie pretty clearly saying, "I do what I want."

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