Derick Dillard Finally Says Goodbye to His Super Sexy Man Bun

Derick Dillard hair

Praise the Lord! Derick Dillard has finally said goodbye to his long locks, after being mocked mercilessly across the Internet for his man bun. Jill (Duggar) Dillard did the deed herself, and the two shared a few snaps with TLC of the entire cut.


Dillard's hair has been the focus of much attention the past year or so, as he's slowly let it grow out into the flowing mane that we can only assume was beloved by Jill. Maybe it's her second pregnancy changing her mind, but for whatever reason, she got out the scissors and went to town on Derick's locks. 

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It could be as simple as his needing a more manageable style now that they're back on the mission field in El Salvador, but regardless, we will never forget the man bun. May it live on in infamy, and thankfully not in reality.

Here he is, halfway done. We can't believe we never realized how much he looks like Macaulay Culkin before. 

derick dillard hair

And the final result, which Israel looks to be a fan of. We like it much better too, to say the least.

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derick dillard haircut

Now if only he could give himself a shave, he'd be all set. 

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