Prince George's New Hobby Is Just Too Cute

prince george
Pool/Reuters/Splash News

Chef Prince George! During an appearance at the Ronald McDonald House in London on Tuesday, Kate Middleton revealed a few new hobbies of Prince George's: Making pancakes and thunderstorms. Perhaps even cuter than George's new interests, though, is how the duchess came to tell everyone about her son's penchant for baking and weather. 


E! News reports that while making pancakes with families on Pancake Day in the UK to prepare for Lent, a 4-year-old boy named James Wheeler asked Kate an urgent question. "Where's George today?" Wheeler inquired. "George? I should have brought him," the future queen responded. "He's at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes."

After that, Wheeler informed Kate that "a thunderstorm is coming" to which she smiled and said, "Yes, I know all about those. George likes storms, too!" Wheeler and George sound like kindred spirits!

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It's kind of hilarious that Kate showed up to an event and all one little boy wanted was her 3-year-old son. George, no doubt, will be delighted to know that he has an admirer with interests similar to his own. Future playdate?

George and Charlotte are both a bit young to attend events still, but when they're older, it will be delightful to see their personalities shine through at royal engagements. From the sound of things, George can be a little on the cheeky side -- which, of course, only makes him all the more fun. And if William and Kate don't want to bring him to events out of fear that his, um, playful side will come out, perhaps Uncle Harry should? After all, they sound like two peas in a pod. 

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