Kim Kardashian Shows Off an Impressive Skill We Never Knew She Had

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Who knew?! Evidently, Kim Kardashian is a master jump roper. On Tuesday, the mom of two showed off seriously advanced jump roping skills to her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, who couldn't seem to nail down Kim's moves themselves. Kim shared a video of her backwards criss-crossing jump roping on Snapchat, and all we can say is: Impressive.


Before showing off her moves during the girls' workout, Kim asks Kourt and Khloe, "Are you ready for my jump roping tricks?" Clearly, Kim's sisters aren't ready for what she's about to do. They're legitimately shocked after they see what she does. 

Of course, after both girls see what Kim can do, they want to give it a whirl themselves -- to no avail. Kim, obviously loving this fact, said to her Snapchat followers, "You guys, I did an impressive jump rope move that made them excited. Now they can't do it! Something I can do that they can't!" After a few tries, both Kourt and Khloe figure it out, but they're still impressed with Kim's moves. "[I did it] just once. How did you do that? You're so good!" Khloe is heard telling Kim.

People often joke that Kim has "no talent," but clearly, they're very, very wrong.

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A few months ago, Kim confessed to fans that she works out for at least an hour a day -- despite the fact that she never "feels" it's necessary to Snapchat it. Obviously, she wasn't lying. Anyone who can randomly bust out a backwards criss-cross jump rope move is definitely well versed in working out. 

Learn something new about you every day, Kim. 

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