Jim Bob Duggar Put Austin Forsyth Through Quite the Inquisition to Date Joy-Anna

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth

Another Duggar courtship is under way, but it looks as though it almost didn't happen. Austin Forsyth had to pass Jim Bob Duggar's inspection before he was allowed to court Joy-Anna Duggar, and from this Counting On clip, it looks like Joy's dad definitely had some concerns.


The couple announced their courtship last November, shortly after Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo tied the knot, but the show is still catching up to real time. That means that this week, we got to see Jim Bob pretty much grill Austin over his intentions with Joy.

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As the case seems to be whenever his daughters get romantically involved with a potential husband, JB's biggest concern appears to be how said potential husband will provide for his girls. Remember when he warned Jeremy about Jinger's thrift store habit? Anyway, Austin seemed to do a pretty decent job holding his own against his potential future father-in-law.

Austin mentioned that Jim Bob had hesitated on timing in the past, probably because Joy was only 18 at the time. But Austin was adamant about the things he liked about Joy, including her "her heart for the Lord and her character."

He also liked that she's "diligent worker," and pointed out that he's enjoyed watching her delegate and work with her younger siblings. Then he adorably added, "and then, of course, her beauty."

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After being grilled mercilessly on his financial status (apparently his house-flipping business has been going well), Austin finally won JB's approval to court Joy. JB even called the 20-something a "great guy!"

Jim Bob explained his decision to let Joy court at such a young age, saying, "Austin I think is ready and I think Joy's really ready. They're both very mature and I think they make a good match."

We think they're an adorable match too.

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