Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Honeymoon PDA Nearly Landed Them in Hot Water

Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo

Well, well, well ... it looks like Selena Gomez isn't the only one who can't keep her hands to herself! Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo are getting a little hot and steamy during a cooking class on a recent Counting On episode -- even joking about their sex life, which made their instructor feel a tad uneasy.


Though the duo has been married for a few months now, their family's TLC reality show is just catching up to their adventures during their Australian honeymoon, including this kinda awkward but pretty cute cooking date the two had during the February 27 episode.

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At one point, Bec, the cooking class instructor, asked the pair what excites them most about marriage, which opened a can of worms she likely didn't -- or maybe should've -- anticipated.

"I'll tell you what I'm excited about most in marriage," Jeremy says with a chuckle.

Hmm, it's pretty safe to say to assume what's on this newlywed's mind.

Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo


Though sexual innuendos -- including comments from Jeremy like it's "getting hot in the kitchen" -- from a couple in love who were just married shouldn't be shocking, it seems Bec wasn't having it.

... Like, at all.

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"I think Bec was a little uncomfortable with newlyweds in the kitchen," Jeremy revealed to Counting On cameras. "But we were there for a nice romantic time."

Oh come on, Bec! Give these two a break, LOL! Stealing a few moments from flipping over prawns to smooch isn't going to make the kitchen hot and heavy. Plus, it's not like they were using any cooking utensils in some tantric Fifty Shades of Grey sort of way. No need to tell Jinger and Jeremy to "calm it down" and question if they were there to cook.

It's so great to see these two happy and so in love. An Australian honeymoon sounds like a dream that would naturally warrant a few kisses, hugs, and ... well, you know.

As Jinger jokes in the Counting On clip, "It's not like we [Jinger and Jeremy] just got married or anything."

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