Kate Middleton May Take on an Unexpected Role at Pippa's Wedding

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
James Whatling/Splash News

This is just about one of the sweetest things we've ever heard. Kate Middleton has reportedly offered to babysit the kiddies at her sister Pippa's wedding this spring.


It seems as though in addition to just being one of the best people on the planet, the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't want to upstage her sister o her special day. According to reports, the mom of two has offered her services as a babysitter for the younger wedding guests.

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A source told the Sun that "Kate wants her sister to be in the spotlight [and] so is taking a step back. The insider added: "Pippa has invited everyone's children to her wedding but Kate is going to babysit all the little ones on the big day, including her own two."

Kate and Prince William apparently feel that at 3 and nearly 2, Prince George and Princess Charlotte won't be old enough to attend the May wedding without creating a ruckus. Since Kate was already worried about upstaging her little sis by her mere presence, she's decided to watch all the other children too.

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The insider continued, "No one is taking their nannies as Kate has offered. She wants the whole day to be all about Pippa and as smooth as possible."

If this is true, then it's incredibly generous of Kate ... but we're sure no one would blame her if she opted to hire a professional to mind the children, and attend the wedding herself. After all, it's not every day your little sister gets married to a billionaire.

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