Chrissy Teigen Dozing at the Oscars Proves Every New Mom Sleeps When She Can

Chrissy Teigen John Legend Oscars
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Once you're a parent, staying up late quickly becomes a thing of the past -- unless you're awake to feed your baby, of course. Sometimes it doesn't even matter where you are, a mom needs her shut-eye. Well, Chrissy Teigen dozed off during Sunday's Academy Awards show -- and it wasn't on her couch either. Luna's mom was in the audience, snoozing with her head on hubby John Legend's shoulder. But was her nap a side effect of chasing a toddler or an intentional, well-timed siesta?


The supermodel was caught sleeping during Casey Affleck's acceptance speech. Ben's younger brother took home the statue for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Manchester By the Sea.

Look at Chrissy snore her way through this one!

We can't blame Teigen one bit. Those shows are long enough when you're watching from the comfort of your own home. And when you're a celeb, you've got hours of prep before you even hit the red carpet! Then you're standing around chatting, possibly having a cocktail or two. Plus, the cookbook author is raising a busy toddler. That all adds up to a recipe for exhaustion. This Twitter fan agrees.


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While Chrissy has every right to doze off, some were quick to speculate that the former Fab Life cohost was faking it as her power nap happened during Affleck's speech. Coincidence? We have to wonder. Though Affleck has been praised for his work, it's his alleged off-screen behavior that's upset people outside and within Hollywood. Two women sued Affleck for sexual harassment in 2010, so news of his nomination definitely didn't sit well with many, including actress Constance Wu. 


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It's tough to say if Teigen was making a statement by not looking as Affleck accepted his award. The hot mama is never one to shy away from controversy, challenging everyone -- from her Twitter followers to President Trump -- if she thinks they're in the wrong. So we'd have to think if she had something to say about Affleck's win, she'd come right out with it. 

She did offer up this gem, though:

Chrissy Teigen Twitter

We may never know if that catnap was real or just her way of saying "I can't deal," but the fact that she's so comfortable with herself wherever she goes makes us adore her even more.

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