Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle May Be Getting Ready for a Showdown

kate middleton in blue
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There may be a major cat fight brewing in the royal family! The latest gossip out of London is that Kate and Pippa Middleton are peeved at Meghan Markle. It seems as though Prince Harry's girlfriend wants to steal Pippa's spotlight, and Kate is just not having it.


Harry and Meghan have been dating for several months, but have yet to make their public debut as a couple. Meanwhile, Pippa is marrying her billionaire boyfriend James Matthews in May, and insiders believe that Meghan plans to make her royal relationship public at the shindig. 

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According to a source who spoke to Life & Style, "They're locked in a huge fight. Harry and Meghan want to use the wedding to make a really public declaration of their love, but Kate doesn't want Meghan overshadowing her sister at her own wedding."

We can't exactly say that we blame her there. To make matters even more complicated, there are rumors that Meghan and Harry might even get engaged before Pippa's big day, which would definitely take the spotlight off the bride.

"Harry may even announce an engagement to Meghan before the wedding," the insider revealed to the mag. "Then, when he brings her, there will be even more attention on [Markle]. Kate is furious!"

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While Kate is sure to be in attendance at Pippa's wedding, we're not even sure if Harry got an invite, let alone his new girlfriend. It might be kind of awkward anyway, considering that we're pretty sure they had a thing for each other there for a while.

Besides, Harry seems like a decent fellow, and we're sure the last thing he'd want to do is ruin Pippa's wedding day. If he does? Well, then we'll seriously have to rethink our opinion of him.

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