Two More Duggar Courtship Announcements Expected Soon

Duggar brothers

There may be another Duggar courtship on the horizon, and this time, it doesn't look like it's one of Jim Bob and Michelle's daughters. There are a few Duggar sons coming of age, and fans are shipping at least two of them to a couple of sisters who are longtime family friends. 


This week's episode of Counting On focused on Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding, and featured several of the volunteers who helped make their special day fantastic. In one scene, Joy-Anna's boyfriend Austin Forsyth was helping to set up a giant "V" of roses to be placed near the altar.

Austin happened to be working alongside two sisters, Kendra and Lauren Caldwell. Fans immediately wondered if all three volunteers were romantically involved with Duggar siblings. Several comments were left on the Duggar's family blog along the lines of, "When is the courtship announcement coming for one or more of the Duggar boys?" and "Sooooo ... Austin was helping with the flower trip, and so were those two Caldwell girls ... again..."

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The rumor is that the sisters are involved with Joseph Duggar, 22, and either of twins Jedidiah or Jeremiah, 18. Interestingly, no one seems to think Josiah, 20, is involved in a romantic endeavor with the Caldwell sisters. Josiah was involved in a courtship with Marjorie Jackson nearly two years ago, but the whole thing fell apart during his brother Josh's multiple sex scandals. We're not saying the two were related ... but one can't help but wonder.

Anyway, the Caldwell girls are apparently PKs (preacher kids), since their dad is a pastor in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They were also spotted at the Duggar compound in nearby Tontitown over Valentine's Day, which the conservative family celebrated by focusing on God's love, rather than romantic love.

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There's nothing to confirm the courtship rumors yet, but after watching Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and now Joy find romance, isn't it about time one of their brothers took the lead? Plus we'd like to see the whole courting thing from the male perspective.

Especially after Josh's courtship with Anna. We're interested to see if his brothers do anything differently with their future brides, given how badly that whole situation turned out. We'll definitely be staying tuned.

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