Cheryl Cole's Pregnancy Announcement Is Both Badass & Beautiful

Cheryl Cole in the L'Oreal Paris UK
L'Oréal Paris UK & Ireland/YouTube

Surprise, surprise, surprise! A huge congratulations is in order as singer and former X Factor (UK) judge Cheryl Cole finally showed off her baby bump in a new campaign that aims to combat self-doubt. So ready the wrapping paper for those baby gifts, because Cheryl and her One Direction crooner boyfriend, Liam Payne, are officially going to be parents!


The 33-year-old singer is radiating power and poise as an ambassador for L'Oreal Paris UK and Prince Trust's "All Worth It" campaign that aims to transform self-doubt into self-worth.

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And while rumors that the couple are expecting have been swirling for months, we finally got the confirmation we needed with a look at that glorious bump. Congrats, Mama!

Cheryl Cole in the L'Oreal Paris UK
L'Oreal Paris UK

Here's a snap of Cheryl standing among other ambassadors -- including Dame Helen Mirren herself -- in an effort to abolish self-hate and promote inner confidence, especially in today's youth.


L'Oreal Paris UK campaign

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I love Cheryl's involvement in this initiative, as it can only help her on her parenting journey. Children need to know their worth -- and know they are valued and so loved. 

And I'm sure this talented celeb duo's baby will feel just that.

Congrats, again!


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