Amy Duggar Tries to Backtrack on Those Abuse Allegations

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

Fans have been pretty concerned over Amy Duggar as of late, as the reality star has revealed that she grew up with an abusive father. Amy made the revelations while filming Marriage Boot Camp with her husband Dillon King, but now she's trying to backpedal her allegations.


The former 19 Kids and Counting alum is the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and apparently was abused as a child by JB's brother-in-law. On MBC, Amy revealed that her dad grabbed her by the throat and held her to the ceiling for allegedly lying about brushing her teeth, and even tried to run her over with his car.

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She's also claimed that he was emotionally abusive during her childhood, telling her she was a mistake, and fighting with her mom so often that she would hide outside so she didn't have to listen to it.

But now she's claiming that it wasn't really that bad, and that the network used selective editing to make it look worse than it actually was. Amy took to Twitter to call out WETV, saying, "What the heck!!! @wetv my dad didn't try to run me over with a car! Crafty editing I was talking about someone else!!!!!! @wetv #get it right"

"Why would you twist that?" she continued. "For more ratings?! That's not true and don't believe that!"

Side note: How many abusive people does Amy have in her life that it was someone else entirely who tried to run her over with a car?

Anyway, Amy also wrote, "That's just so hurtful to my family and to me. I forgave my dad for the toothbrush accident. And that is it. Wow @wetv really!? Why!!!!"

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Not sure how choking your child because you think she's lying about brushing her teeth constitutes an "accident," but we're going to go ahead and assume Amy meant incident. Either way, it sounds like Amy is trying to downplay the abuse.

She says that she's forgiven her dad, and she's obviously trying to make it sound like it was NBD, but why would she go on a reality show and talk about it if she didn't want it all coming out? That's kind of the point when trying to get ratings.

No matter what happened in Amy's childhood, we just hope that's she's truly healed from it. No one deserves to be abused, especially not a child.

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