Blac Chyna Shares Her Latest Baby Weight Loss Milestone

blac chyna
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The incredible shrinking woman! Since giving birth to Dream Renee Kardashian three months ago, Blac Chyna has lost 40 pounds. The mom of two has been keeping fans up to date on her baby weight loss journey, and on Tuesday, she shared her latest milestone on Snapchat. 


Chyna shared a video of herself stepping on a scale in her bathroom. "From 192 to 152.4 - Goal 130 - Summer 2017," the caption read. Nice work, mama.

Chyna has lost six pounds since she last updated fans last month. Without a doubt, she'll reach her goal. Chyna has seemed super motivated to get in peak shape ever since she gave birth to her daughter. (Some people -- not Chyna of course -- may say she has Kim to thank for the fitness inspiration.)

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Also, as it's been reported, Chyna and her fiancé Rob Kardashian have broken up, so there's a good chance she'll take a page out of Khloe Kardashian's book and get a "revenge body."

Chyna has given credit to breastfeeding for helping her lose weight, but it's unclear whether or not she's still doing so. More likely than not, she's shedding the majority of her pounds right now from a healthy diet and exercise. 

Looking good, Chyna. Keep up the good work. And, of course, let us all in on your secrets. 

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