Prince Harry May Be Ready to Move to the US for Meghan Markle

Prince Harry
Reimschuessel/Splash News

What might be viewed as England's loss would clearly be America's gain. Reportedly, Prince Harry could be moving to the United States, as his girlfriend Meghan Markle has no intention of slowing down her acting career. Perhaps handsome Harry could start his own Hollywood career? (We're in!) 


The Suits actress lives in Los Angeles but also spends time in Canada where she shoots the hit USA network program. So it sounds like the prince might want to start packing his bags -- he's got some traveling to do. But, apparently, the 32-year-old doesn't mind a bit. 

"Harry loves America and is totally open to dividing his time between Canada, LA, and London once he and Meghan are officially man and wife," a source told Radar Online. 

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Wow, it sounds like things could be getting pretty serious if he's willing to make the leap across the pond! And, what a change this would be from the way Princess Kate spends her days. The Duchess of Cambridge is often spotted out and about carrying on the royal family's charity work. Sure, she visited the set of Downton Abbey, but still, this is a huge departure from tradition.

We love that Meghan is her own woman with a successful career she isn't ready to sacrifice. But what we love even more is that Harry's reportedly so supportive. 

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Establishing a successful acting career is no easy feat. Markle has made it clear that her journey wasn't an easy one as she faced discrimination and racism

It's no wonder she's reluctant to give up everything -- even if it means finding her prince. Still, getting Harry to America could be good for the royal family's "brand," as a pal points out.  

"It's a logical step for the royals, too, because he'll be able to up their reputation abroad while still fulfilling duties back at home and overseas, of course," the source told Radar. 

Well, Harry, if these rumors are true, "Welcome!" We'd love to have you!

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