Chilling Photos of Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Have Been Released

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Neil Warner/Splash News

Talk about chilling. Photos of Kim Kardashian's Paris crime scene were released recently by French network TFI. The photos, which were revealed during a news segment, show Kim's alleged hotel bed in her Paris hotel, as well as the bathroom, and the duct tape and plastic ties that were used to restrain her during the robbery. The network also showed grainy footage of the alleged suspects.


We've all heard the details of Kim's horrifying ordeal, but seeing photos of the crime scene -- especially the ties and duct tape -- is especially disturbing. Kim must have been terrified during the robbery. The image of being restrained in such a forceful and violent manner will never leave her. 

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Fortunately, it seems like Kim will eventually get closure to this horrible chapter of her life, as French authorities seem to be closing in all of the suspects. In January, police charged 10 people in connection with the heist. Not long after that, French newspaper Le Monde released excerpts of a policy testimony with one of the suspects, Aomar Ait Kihedache, who allegedly confessed to the crime, calling it a "very simply affair."

After the harrowing ordeal, Kim stayed out of the spotlight and kept an extremely low profile on social media. At the start of the year, though, not long before the arrests were made, the mom of two returned to the public eye, and from the looks of things, she's back and better than ever. 

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It seems like Kim has recovered (as much as she can) from the traumatic event she went through, but no doubt, as French authorities come closer to cracking the case, more information will be released to the public -- which, of course, will force Kim to relive everything all over again. 

Here's to hoping for a swift finish to this case, and to no more drama for Kim this year -- 2016 was enough for a lifetime. 

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