Another Duggar May Be Headed Down the Aisle Soon

Duggar sisters

She's only 19, but is Joy-Anna Duggar already engaged? The Counting On star announced her courtship with Austin Forsyth over three months ago, and thanks to a recent photo of her online, fans are speculating that the two have made it even more official by getting engaged.


The Duggar family posted some photos of a Valentine's Day celebration earlier this week on Facebook, and there's one pic of Joy in particular that has everyone in a tizzy over her relationship status.

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It seems like an innocuous photo at first glance ... until you realize that Joy seems to be deliberately hiding her ring finger behind a bag. Some people even wondered if they spotted a hint of gold glinting from behind whatever it is she's holding.

It wouldn't be too shocking, given the family's propensity to race down the aisle, lest any of these young couples get any ideas about front-hugging into their minds before saying "I do." But after they let Josh get married as a teenager, and seeing how that whole thing played out after he cheated on Anna with the help of online infidelity site Ashley Madison, you'd think they'd want her to wait until she's at least 20. Maybe.

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But it looks to be a moot point anyway, as another picture from the same day clearly shows Joy sans ring on her finger.


We want Joy-Anna to be happy, obviously, and if she and Austin decide that getting married so young is the best path for them, then we wish them nothing but the best. But for now, we're glad that they're taking the time to get to know each other before making that lifelong commitment.

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