Jessa Duggar Opens Up About Her Home Birth Experience With Baby Henry

Jessa and Spurgeon

Second time, not the same as the first! Jessa (Duggar) Seewald revealed how different her second labor was than her first in a recent interview, and it sounds like she had a much easier go of it this time.


Jessa and her hubby Ben Seewald welcomed their second son, Henry Wilberforce, in the wee hours of morning on February 6, just a few short hours after her water broke. When 15-month-old Spurgeon was born, the Counting On star was in labor for nearly two days, and had to be rushed to the hospital after the birth due to complications.

The 24-year-old mama shared with People magazine this week that her second labor was so quick, some very important family members almost missed it.

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She revealed that her water broke just before midnight on February 5, and that she was experiencing strong contractions within two hours. Their little bundle arrived shortly after, at 4:26 a.m., weighing in at 8 lbs, 11 oz. Jessa confessed that she was "surprised how fast it went," something she was clearly not counting on, because her mom and oldest sister almost missed it.

"They came at the very end," Jessa explained of Michelle and Jana's arrival at the birth. "I was already pushing when they walked in the door."

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One person who apparently was there was her sister Jill, who is currently pregnant with her second child. Jessa said, "We were really thankful that she was able to be here. It was so fun to have her here to meet Henry."

It sounds like Henry's birth experience was a heck of a lot smoother than Spurgeon's! We're sure Jessa is grateful for that -- especially since she and Ben have been very vocal about adding even more to their brood someday. It would suck to have every birth experience be an extremely traumatic one.

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