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15 Photos That Show Kourtney Kardashian Is Better Off Without Scott Disick

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A few months ago, it looked like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were thisclose to getting back together. They were often spotted hanging out; they were going on family vacations, just the two of them and the kids; they were posting about each other on social media. It seemed like a baby number four announcement was imminent. But! Then the reports started rolling in about a horrendous blowout fight between the two, dashing our hopes of a recoupling. 

A few weeks ago, on a family vacation to Costa Rica, Scott apparently proposed to Kourtney -- and when she said no, all hell broke loose. There have been tales of Scott flying random models out to the locale and holing up with them in a nearby hotel; a massive fight between Scott and Kris and Kim; and of course, a once-and-for-all breakup between Kourtney and Scott. 

While there is something kind of cute about Kourt and Scott together, let's face it: She's much better without him. And here are 15 pics to prove it. If these photos are anything to go off of, Kourtney isn't missing Scott one. Single. Bit. 

Do you, Kourt. 


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Another shot Kourt posted in Costa Rica. Clearly, she wasn't sitting around pouting when Scott left in a huff.

Blush Crush in Costa Rica. On my app.

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3And Exhale ...

Perhaps Kourtney can finally breathe without Scott up her you know what?

Yolanda and Towanda.

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5More Love

Looks like Kourtney's got more love in her life than she even knows what to do with. Sorry, Scott. 

Tell me how to love, it's been so long

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6The Caption Says It All

A dig at Scott? A message to Bieber? Who knows, but this can't be good for The Lord.

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8Ladies' Night

Few things can make you forget a dude like a good old-fashioned ladies' night. 

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11En Fuego

No, you do not miss any exes when you look like this. Soz.

Super Bowl Sunday

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12Diddy Vibes

Scott who? She's hanging out with Diddy right now. Diddy in a fur, thankyouverymuch.


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14More Snuggles

What's better, Kourt: Anxiously awaiting Scott to come home or snuggling with your baby?


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