Kate Middleton Has a Weird Secret for Maintaining a Glowing Complexion

kate middleton

Admit it, you wonder what Kate Middleton does to her skin to keep it looking so dewy fresh all the time. Daily facials? Weekly microdermabrasion? Fillers? Maybe, maybe, and maybe, but one of the things we now know Kate likely does is smear chocolate all over her face. Hey, we can afford that!


Deborah Mitchell, an esthetician who has treated many celebs and royals -- including the Duchess of Cambridge -- recently said that one of her secrets for glowing, well-exfoliated skin is a homemade chocolate facial using regular old chocolate spread.

During an appearance on British talk show This Morning on Thursday, Mitchell revealed that chocolate is great for dry skin, and is popular among her celebrity clients. "Just use a normal chocolate spread with nuts and palm oil," she said. "The sugar in this is a really good exfoliator. I have used this on some of my clients -- although of course I can't say who."

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Mitchell also gave specific instructions on how to make a DIY chocolate facial at home. "Put it on your skin and let it dry until it goes tacky," she instructed. "Roll it off with your fingers and it exfoliates the skin. After you've done it, the skin goes very, very sheeny and moist because the palm oil works on it -- it helps dry skin the most."

Well, if smearing Nutella all over our faces will give us Kate Middleton–like skin, we're in. Though there's a decent chance we won't look quite as glamorous as Kate while we're undergoing it.

Hey, if anyone can make chocolate on the face look posh, it's the duchess. 

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