Josiah Duggar's Ex-Girlfriend Might Be Getting Ready to Spill Family Secrets

Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson

The Duggars may be getting nervous. A couple of years ago, Josiah Duggar entered into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson, but unfortunately, that relationship went down the tubes before they headed down the aisle. Now Marjorie is penning a memoir -- but how much of it will actually be a Duggar exposé?


Josiah and Marjorie started courting in the spring of 2015, right before the first Josh Duggar sex scandal hit the public. You know, the one where the police report came out saying that he had molested five underage girls -- four of whom were his own sisters? 

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By the time Josh was caught cheating on his wife Anna in August, Josiah and Marjorie had officially ended their romance. They put out a statement saying that the families remained friendly, and they were grateful for the time to get to know each other, and all that jazz -- but now that she's writing a book, we can't help but wonder if there was more to the story.

Sources close to Jackson are saying that she is penning her first book, to be published in May. Titled Devoted, it will reportedly be about the young Christian blogger's religious beliefs and crises of faith. No word on if she considered her brief courtship with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's son to be one of those crises.

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The line that's bound to be making Josiah extra nervous is from the publisher, which describes the memoir as a collection of essays related to "relationships, decisions, standards, convictions, priorities ... everything." Pretty sure a public courtship falls within that relationship category!

Marjorie seems like a classy girl, so we doubt that she'll be revealing anything vicious about her Duggar romance. Then again, if she got hurt more than she expressed at the time, there's a good chance she'll take the opportunity to get a few digs in. The pen is mightier than the sword, after all.

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