Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Wedding Almost Caused Jessa to Have a 'Meltdown'

Jinger and Jeremy and Jessa and Ben

Sister love! On Monday's episode of Counting On, Jinger Duggar was still prepping for her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo. Even though the actual event took place last November, the show is just catching up, and apparently, Jessa Duggar had a harder time with Jessa's wedding than we ever knew at the time.


It's no secret to fans of the show that Jinger and Jessa are especially close, but honestly, we sort of figured that Jessa was so busy being married to Ben Seewald and being pregnant with their second child to mind too much that her favorite sister was getting married.

Not the case, as we learned this week. Everyone seemed a little sad that Jinger was planning a big move to Laredo, Texas, to move in with her hubby. Jeremy is the pastor of a church there, and while Jinger was eager to join him in the ministry, her fam was less than thrilled to say goodbye to her.

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Jessa confessed that she had "very mixed emotions" about Jinger and Jeremy's tying the knot. She explained, "I'm thrilled for Jinger and Jeremy. I know they're meant to be, but at the same time, I wish Jeremy wasn't taking her so far away."

She also reminisced about when she was courting her own hubby Ben, and how she tried to make sure Jinger was their chaperone as often possible so that she wouldn't feel left out. Now that Jinger is moving so far away, she's the one who is probably feeling pretty left out.

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Jessa even predicted that she'd have a breakdown once the wedding and move were over. She confessed, "If I think about it, I get emotional, and I've already cried several times ... When she's gone, I'll probably have a meltdown."

Hopefully these two sisters get lots of time to talk over the phone, and especially time to make the trek between Arkansas and Texas to see each other. It's not the same, but we can't see their bond being broken by something like a little distance.

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