Khloe Kardashian Admits That She's Jealous of Sister Kim


Sounds like there's a little jealousy between these sisters. Khloe Kardashian revealed she's envious of big sister Kim in one area -- and it's got nothing to do with her marriage or kids. 


It turns out the 32-year-old star of her own reality series Revenge Body wishes she had the metabolism of the mother of North and Saint.

While visiting Ellen, Khloe joked that she has to "work out like an animal" to achieve the same results Kim enjoys despite putting in minimal effort.   

Talk a listen to how the good-humored but still annoyed Khloe describes the situation:


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Too funny! You have to love that she's able to laugh at herself, especially as she shares that her nutritionist likened her (or, her metabolism, really) to a Honda Civic while comparing Kim to a Ferrari. Ouch. 

"How do you have this body?" Khloe joked about her sister. "I can't handle people like that."

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But it sounds like Khloe's doing A-OK. She also shared that she'll be spending Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, who plays basketball with the Cleveland Cavaliers, following his home game.

The former wife of Lamar Odom also mentioned that she loves to cook, so perhaps she feel she needs to work off those calories from her masterpieces.

Regardless, Khloe has never looked better and she seems happy and healthy and, really, that's what matters. 

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