Amy Duggar's Kinky Sex Confession Is the Last Thing We Expected

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

Say what now? Amy Duggar just admitted that she's a huge fan of sex toys, and we're not quite sure how to respond. A round of applause for thoroughly breaking the Duggar stereotype once again? A giggle over imagining Jim Bob and Michelle's reaction to the news of their freaky niece? Right now, we're still too busy picking our jaws up off the floor.


She's the rebel Duggar for a reason, y'all. On a recent episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Amy admitted that she and her hubby Dillon King are into some pretty kinky stuff. She didn't just hint -- she flat-out said it.

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Dillon read a card by one of the anonymous wives in the group, and the other couple had to guess who wrote it. No one expected it to be Amy! The card read, "We brought all kinds of sex toys ... feathers, oils, strawberries. Kissed every part of my body. The whole resort heard me."


When Amy revealed that it was her, she announced to the group, "We have a lot of fun! We have a truck full of stuff." Well okay, then. Even though Amy has long been the black sheep of the Duggar family, we never expected her to be quite this open about her sexuality. 

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Amy and Dillon have had a bit of a bumpy ride (no pun intended) this season on Marriage Boot Camp, with her being accused of not taking it seriously, and his getting called out for speaking to her condescendingly. After this clip though, it looks like they've got at least one thing covered -- their sex life.

You go and get yours, girl.

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