Whitney Port Shares What All Moms Think in Honest Pregnancy Announcement

Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash
Congratulations, Whitney Port! The 31-year-old former Hills star is expecting her first child with husband Tim Rosenman, as she announced Thursday on Instagram in a super cute (and funny) post. As Port admits, she's in for a "crazy journey" -- but hopefully she'll have friend and former costar Lauren Conrad along for the ride!


Conrad, Port's 31-year-old Hills costar, also announced her first pregnancy recently (with husband William Tell). So exciting! We can't think of a better way to experience your first pregnancy than in tandem with a bestie. We are, of course, assuming that they're still close -- because just think of all the pre-baby activities they'll get to do together: Decorating nurseries. Going to prenatal yoga. Indulging their guiltiest cravings. Shopping for onesies. Maybe they'll even have a joint baby shower! (We kind of doubt it, though.)

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One thing's for sure -- Port has already mastered the fine art of baby bump photography: 

Gorgeous!! And we love that Port is completely willing to admit that she has no idea what's in store for her as a mom. The important thing is that she's "sooooo excited" -- and that she'll have plenty of support. Plus, it seems like motherhood is something Port and Rosenman have been planning for; as she told Us Weekly last year: 

"We're both pretty ready! I mean, not that you can ever be 100 percent fully ready, because you have no idea what to expect!"

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Hey, you know what they say: Knowing that you know nothing is the first step to knowing something (or something like that). All we know is that we can't wait to see pics of the playdates Port and Conrad's adorable little ones might one day have! (Also, their wardrobes.)

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