Anthony Anderson's Mom Taught Him About Oral Sex & We're Totally Blushing

Anthony Anderson with mom Doris Hancox
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There's a reason why "mama knows best" is a term that so many people use. After all, she is the main person you tend to hit up for everyday life advice and even matters of the bedroom. (Wait, what?) That's right, Anthony Anderson just revealed his mom taught him how to give oral sex -- and it left us scratching our heads and wanting to know more.


During a recent appearance on Conan, the 46-year-old Blackish star revealed that when he was a college student, his mom, Doris Hancox (her last name is sooo fitting for this story!), once gave him and his buddies a lesson on sex education they'll never forget.

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"My mother taught me how to go downtown. My mama taught me how to eat the cookie -- oral sex, Conan. Oral sex," Anthony tells Conan. He continues:

She not only taught me and my brothers and my boys, but also the women how to do what they needed to do. My mother has a very extensive video collection, and she would put the videos on. And go into graphic detail as to what's going on in the video.

.... My father didn't know how to eat pu**y. So, she said, 'I will be damned if I send my three boys out in the world not knowing how to do that -- so it's my duty, as a woman, because your daddy didn't know what the hell he was doing.'

LOL -- WOW! Talk about schooling the next generation and being unashamed about it!

Man, as a mom of two boys (thankfully they're too small to know about sex, let alone that their pee-pees aren't meant to be tugged on like a toy), I'm trying to picture how this all went down.

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Were Anthony and his friends sitting around the kitchen talking about finals and future job searches when oral sex randomly popped up in the discussion -- prompting Mom to try to fill in the gaps?

Did Ms. Hancox then tell Anthony and his friends to peruse through her collection of skin flicks, carefully searching for titles with "Down Under" in them?

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And how did everyone act once the movies started playing and Anthony's mom started her "blow-by-blow" commentary about what was going on?

Were there awkward moments?

Or did people feel comfortable enough to whip out their spiral notebooks and take a few notes?

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I can only imagine how thankful everyone was for Mama to drop this knowledge they can use for a lifetime.

... Including Alvina Stewart, Anthony's wife of 20-plus years, who always seems to have a big smile on her face in every picture.

Anthony Anderson with wife Alvina Stewart
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We see you, gurrl.

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OMG, I can't imagine being this hands-on with my children's sexual education (I don't care if they're in college), but I do feel this mom is a G for having a collection of sex tapes in her archives and gives no effs about telling it like it is, LOL.

Who said mamas aren't or can't be hip?

Seriously, though ... is this a new parenting requirement? Because I just can't do it.

I can't!

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