Meghan Markle Is Already Giving Kate Middleton a Run for Her Money

Meghan Markle
Rick Davis/Splash News

Meghan Markle may be the talk of the town, thanks to her relationship with Prince Harry, but has she passed Kate Middleton in popularity? According to at least one report, Meghan is definitely passing the reigning popular royal.


Retailers have been observing "the Kate effect" for years, which is basically what happens every time Prince William's wife wears something new in public, and stores immediately sell out of the item. According to sources, "the Meg effect" has been even more immediate and profound than Kate's ever was.

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The Daily Mail reported that items are selling out of stores even more quickly after Meg wears them than they do when Kate wears something. Like a stack of gold-plated rings from London retailer Missoma. Apparently sales for the rings went through the roof just moments after photos were published of Meghan wearing them.

According to the publication, not even Kate experienced this kind of immediate fan response. Of course, it probably helps that the rings in question only set shoppers back about $73, which is significantly cheaper than most of Kate's designer duds and jewelry.

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Let's not forget either that we're living in a social media world, and when Kate and Will first went public, it could've been days or even weeks before we could track down something she wore to an event or wherever. With the speed of information these days, we're able to figure things out with just a few clicks.

We love Megs, and we're eagerly waiting to see if she'll be spotted with a much more expensive ring on a very particular finger at some point in the future. But for now, we're still calling Kate our number one.

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